What votesUP is

votesUP is a platform to hold ballots and to support conferences. Both open voting as well as secret ballots are possible with votesUP. This is supplemented by an optional programme visualisation, speaker lists, motions on the rules of procedure and chats between participants. All that is needed to use the system is an internet-capable device (smartphone, tablet, notebook) running a browser.

At the time being, votesUP offers you the following functionality:

The platform is operated by a team of volunteers and provided free of charge for events with up to 50 participants. Any contribution to the server costs or by helping to translate votesUP to other other languages is welcome. For larger events, a financial contribution is required.

Detailed information can be found in the ➡️ manual.


votesUP in action

The following screenshots provide some impressions of the live operation. votesUP adapts also to smaller screen sizes.

Welcome screen for the participants
Screenshot: Welcome screen for the participants

Offene Abstimmung mit Ja-Nein-Enthaltung
Bildschirmfoto: Offene Abstimmung mit Ja-Nein-Enthaltung

Laufende Abstimmung in der Veranstalteransicht
Bildschirmfoto: Laufende Abstimmung, Veranstalteransicht

Rückschau auf Abstimmungsergebnisse:
Geheime und offene Abstimmungen mit unterschiedlichen Stimmgewichten

Bildschirmfoto: Rückblick auf Abstimmungsergebnisse

Geheime Abstimmung mit erweiterten Optionen
Bildschirmfoto: Geheime Abstimmung mit erweiterten Optionen


votesUP – our concept

This platform enables online votings that are usually needed for conferences and committee meetings.

votesUP offers both open and secret ballots. It ensures the particular confidentiality of secret ballots: the ballots cast are not traceable to the individual voter, because they are stored independently of each other and in random rows.

Our aim is to orient the system as closely as possible to a real-life conference setting: whenever an open vote is taken, everyone in the room can see how individuals voted. In the analogue setting, however, the seating positions or even the size of the delegations have an influence on whether a participant can observe the things that are happening. votesUP ensures that the situation is now the same for everyone.

Of course, sometimes things go wrong at a conference. No problem: you can repeat votes at any time. votesUP notes the repetition, but does not remove the results of the incorrect vote: transparency for the participants is always ensured.

💡 Tipps, damit eure Online-Abstimmungen erfolgreich durchgeführt und nicht angezweifelt werden können, haben wir ➡️ hier zusammengestellt.


Supported size of events

votesUP supports live events with up to some thousand participants. By default, new events are limited to 50 participants, yet you may request a limit increase at any time. Ballots that are open for several days or weeks can even include several thousand voters.

You will not need a lot of preparation to use votesUP: just register a new event and get started! If you are conducting an event with more then 30 participants, we recommend to also register the dates, so that we can plan the servers resources in advance. For events with more than 50 participants, the date registration is obligatory. If you are planning a larger event, you can submit a request to increase the participant limit via the event settings.

Immediately after creation, an event is still limited: in order to include more than six people, the event must have a confirmed email address for contact. Unconfirmed events are automatically deleted within three days, confirmed events only after 90 days of inactivity.



We develop votesUP with extensive consideration of privacy aspects and security. Yet nobody is perfect: therefore don't hesitate to give feedback in case you encounter strange situations or problems with votesUP.

If you want to get a first impression about some of our security measures, external security tools such as the Mozilla Observatory, the SSL labs or a scanner for Content Security Policies provide reports of their scans of votesUP:

➡️ observatory.mozilla.org/analyze/votesup.eu
➡️ www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=votesup.eu
➡️ geekflare.com/tools/csp-test

At our news page we provide regular updates about improvements and new features. [Sorry only in German language at the moment.]



We are actively working on further enhancements of votesUP. Not all planned functionality is there yet, and besides, we want to improve some existing features as well :)

We are happy to receive feedback from you. Simply get in touch by e-mail: support@votesup.eu.